Paging Dr. Frischer: Year End 2018

Another year has gone by. Have you accomplished what you set out to do during 2018? Did things go as you intended? Does life ever go as we intend? If your year was anything like mine, many things happened that were not exactly on your radar. It can feel as though we are passengers on our journey, and not the captain. Plenty of adjustments to our path are required as we travel through life. (I recommend reading “We Plan, God Laughs: 10 Steps to Finding Your Divine Path When Life Is Not Turning Out Like You Wanted.”)


Nevertheless, I would argue that we are indeed each ultimately the captains of our own life. How we react to these unplanned life events is what determines our ultimate path. I like to keep in mind the following words. My understanding is that the name of the original writer is lost, but the message is clear:


Carefully watch your thoughts
for they become your words.
Manage and watch your words
for they will become your actions.
Consider and judge your actions
for they will become your habits.
Acknowledge and watch your habits
for they shall become your character.
Understand and embrace your character
for it becomes your destiny and your dreams.


No matter what befalls us, and let’s be clear; some of them are real doozies, let’s remain in in the pilot’s seat. I urge you to continue to make choices that are good for you, your family, your community, and your health. I wish you all joyous holidays!

December 28, 2018

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