Paging Dr. Frischer: Year End 2019

I tend to use this year-end message as an opportunity to offer uplifting advice to our community. This year, I had a somewhat different inspiration.


Death is inevitable and will touch us all. It takes our loved ones, it takes our friends, and eventually it will come for you and me. As they say, none of us will be getting out of this alive. Allow me to share what I hope will prove to be a useful approach to thinking about death.


Every generation arrives and departs. In essence, this paves the way for the next generation to take the journey of life, to experience hardships and joys, and then in turn to step aside for the following generation. This pattern never changes.


What if a supreme being came to you with an offer that abolished death but likewise abolished births, because one generation would not be leaving to make room for another? Would you consider such a condition? There would never again be a child, grandchild, a youth, a first love, new hopes, new ideas, or new achievements. Could your answer be in doubt?


When we fear death’s decree, let’s keep that in mind. It well may give solace to remember our loved ones who came before, making room for our own journey. Let’s focus on the vision of many generations to come, along with their own discoveries, visions, hopes and dreams. Death is as natural as birth, and is inevitable for every one of us.


If there is an uplifting message in this, it is to remember that this is our time for life. Let’s embrace the journey, and do our best to appreciate every day.


I wish you all healthy and happy holidays!

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