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We remain open for in person and telemedicine appointments

Monday - Friday, 7:30am - 4pm

Please call us to schedule your appointment.


Our group shares a common vision of medicine. We believe that each of our patients is a unique human being who deserves to be listened to and taken care of with the latest medical knowledge and compassion. Our humanistic approach involves understanding our patients’ diet, lifestyle, and psychosocial situation, in order to work toward helping them achieve a healthier and more fulfilling life.


The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are close to 95% effective, and testing has found them to be extremely safe. We strongly encourage all of our patients to get a covid-19 vaccine, but we are not offering it at this time.

Those eligible in L.A. County can schedule an appointment by:


going to the county’s website here

calling 833-540-0473

See pictures of our doctors and staff receiving their

covid-19 vaccines!

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Paging Dr. Frischer

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